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Nicest Rejection Letter Ever

Yesterday I got the nicest rejection letter ever. I had submitted a short story a couple of weeks ago to an online publication. I saw the response email in my inbox, and I was all prepared for one of the generic “Thank you for submitting. Unfortunately…” letters all writers have grown accustomed to seeing.

Instead I got a personal note from the editor saying how much he liked the story, but he had to reject it because it was more of a ghost story than the type of Lovecraft story he was looking for, but he was really sorry to have to do that. Seriously, here’s an excerpt: “So I hope that you will consider sending me something along those lines [more Lovecraftian] soon, because you are the kind of author that I enjoy reading.”

Damn. Talk about taking the sting out of rejection. However, as much as it boosted my ego, I can’t help but wonder how helpful the letter really was. Writers need rejection and criticism. It’s the only way we can get better at our craft. If a story gets rejected it forces us to go back to it, dissect it, and staple it back together in some sort of improved way. While the standard, generic rejection letters don’t offer much advice, this super nice rejection letter didn’t either.

I’m not saying he should have sent it. No, please send me more like that. My ego loves the attention. But I know my story wasn’t perfect. I can’t help but wonder what he would have wanted improved or revised if he had accepted it.

The letter was a wonderful distraction, but it was only temporary. So bring on the pain you editors and slush pile readers out there! I can take it. We writers can take it. We need to if we’re going to become better writers.

“Tweekers” and “Weekend at the Cabin”

Hello, Internet. I’ve been spending a lot of my time looking for jobs. Luckily I have a few things lined up, and with a little luck, some of them will pan out.

I started working with Michael Bacon on the screenplay for the movie “Tweekers.” We’re still in the outline phase right now, but oh man, this movie is going to be all kinds of ridiculous. The crazy part is that many of the scenarios in it are all based on true events. I’m laughing as I’m just remembering them.

I’m really excited to a part of this project, and from what I’ve seen of his work, Michael’s got a lot of talent. I have a real good feeling about “Tweekers.” Plus it’s got drugs, sex, and rock n roll in it. Everyone knows that’s a winning combination right there.

Michael also hosts a weekly SBIG movie night–So Bad It’s Good. He shows films so terrible that they’ve circled around back into the hilarious category. Last night was “Weekend at the Cabin” which was written/directed/produced by Jason C. Moulton.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the quality of this movie, and I was not disappointed. The movie sucked. The dialogue sounded like it was written by a junior high school student. It was a horror movie that did nothing original (or even well). Moulton wrote himself as the main villain, but really it felt like he did that just because he wanted to touch some boobs. There’s nudity, and then there’s bam!-out-of-the-blue-this-is-almost-porn style nudity. This movie had the latter kind of nudity.

Every scene ended with the same kind of transition. The audio dropped in and out. Man I wish all of you could see the movie, but I don’t want you to have to pay for it. That guy doesn’t deserve a dime for this laughable excuse for a movie.

Seeing a movie that bad definitely gives me more confidence when it comes to screenplay writing. I know I can do better than that.

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