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Some Publishing Announcements

The Exile's Violin

You might’ve noticed the warning on my The Exile’s Violin page saying the book will be out of print starting in September. This post is to explain a little more about why that’ll be the case and what’s going to happen moving forward.

My publisher recently announced that they are dramatically scaling back their operations (basically going out of business). As part of this process, the authors and myself were presented with a couple options:

  1. I could leave my novel in the publisher’s hands. It would remain for sale and everything would continue. I was also one of the special cases where I had a sequel under contract. The publisher would put that out at some point. The timeline for when that would happen wasn’t entirely established.
  2. Or any of us that weren’t being dropped outright could ask for all our rights to revert back to us and part ways with the company.

I took Door Number Two. Without getting too specific, I’m not entirely happy with the way my book came out, especially with regards to formatting, back cover design, and marketing. That’s why I asked for the rights to The Exile’s Violin and Terraviathan back.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next. All of my attention is focused on planning these last few crazy weeks before my wedding and honeymoon. I arranged it with my publisher that my book will stay for sale until after I get back from my honeymoon. After September 9th, the book will go out of print and the rights will be mine again.

I have a couple of options for what to do with the series once that happens:

  1. I can go full indie with the Tethys Chronicles series. That would give me complete control over the interior formatting, better formatting for the back cover of the print version, and no publisher to split royalties with. Going indie comes with its own challenges.
  2. Or I could shop the series around and try to find a publisher interested in reprinting the first book and picking up the essentially-done sequel.

Personally, the second option sounds a little more appealing. I like the collaborative process of working with editors and publishers, and I like the support they normally give you. With a potential move across the country on the horizon, I’m not sure trying to make it as an indie author (at least with this series) is something I’m prepared to do right now. I definitely don’t want to leave the series unavailable to potential readers for a long period of time!

It’s an uncertain time, but it feels full of opportunities! You know that old saying about doors and windows? It’s true in this case.

Thank you to all the people who bought or downloaded for free The Exile’s Violin. The fact that you’re reading the words I wrote means a ton to me. And if you enjoyed the book, rest assured you will get to read more adventures starring Jacquie and Clay. One way or another, you will get Terraviathan (and maybe even a third book!) in your hands.

Some Minor Reorganizing

Hey everyone. This is a quick blog to highlight some of the changes I’ve made to my website. Nothing major really, just some minor reorganizing.

Fiction & Non-Fiction

I’ve split up my writing into Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. The Fiction section has links and info to all my novels, collections, and published short stories. If you’re interested in steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, or even a little bit of horror, go on and check them out.

The Non-Fiction section has a list of all my videogame reviews, feature articles, and editorials. Many of them are on Gamer Limit or the community section of Destructoid. I also have a couple of features that were published at places like Gameranx and other places.


A simple list of my current WIPs. Check back here frequently for word count updates. More substantial progress reports will be posted to the blog.

The World of Tethys

I think I’ve written about this before, but this section of my site has concept art, maps, and sketches associated with the Tethys Chronicles and the first novel in the series, The Exile’s Violin. Some of the sketches even predate the book’s first rough draft!

That’s all the updates for now! Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have more info to share with you all about Terraviathan, the second book in the Tethys Chronicles.

Mr. Flip’s Carnival – Help Out a Good Cause!

Fantastical Mr. Flip’s Carnival of Wonders and Curiosities

A couple days ago, I saw Karina Cooper tweet about calling on all members of the steampunk community for help with a cause near and dear to her. While I’ve never been to any conventions or made my own costume, The Exile’s Violin is steampunk, so I checked out her post.

That’s where I was made aware of the Fantastical Mr. Flip’s Carnival of Wonders and CuriositiesIt’s a “festival to celebrate all the ‘local’—which is to say, from Vancouver, BC to Portland, OR—steampunk-flavored vendors, creators, authors, and musicians that are here in our own backyard” in honor of Flip, a ten-year-old member of the steampunk community who tragically passed away last year.

So where do you (and I) come in? In order to put on Mr. Flip’s Carnival again this year, the organizers need donations. They’re going to start an Indiegogo campaign and that’s why they’re calling on all steampunk authors, producers, jewelry makers, gadgeteers, crafters, costume-makers, etc. to donate whatever they can (“personalized haikus, and move upward to art pieces, commissioned art requests, books, CDs of steampunk and steampunk-flavored musicians, and so on”) to be perks for the fundraising campaign.

It’s a great cause, so I encourage you to donate whatever you can! And if you’re not an author or cool thing-maker, then look for the upcoming Indiegogo campaign and send even just a couple of dollars its way. Every little bit helps!

Upcoming (Online) Appearances in September

Hey everybody! Just a quick announcement that interviews and guest posts by yours truly will be hitting the web in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the schedule for where I’ll be starting on Monday, September 10.

On Monday I will be featured on Jay Noel’s website.

On Tuesday I have an interview going up at Lyndi Alexander’s website.

Wednesday finds me visiting James Peercy.

On Thursday I shall stop by Literary Lunes Publications.

On Friday there will be a guest post by me about standalone fantasy novels vs those in a series on Tricia Ballad’s site.

And finally, on Saturday there will be an interview with me on the website of one Blaine Pardoe.

So those are all the places I’m going to be (well my words at least) starting in two weeks. Be sure to check them out. And be sure to visit my site during that time because I’ll be hosting a selection of authors from Hydra Publications.


In Situ Cover Art

This news is a couple of days old, but the cover art for the upcoming Dagan Books anthology In Situ is available. Here’s a slightly scaled down version of the full size image.

Personally, I think the cover looks amazing. My story “Jewel of Tahn-Vinh” is included in the anthology, and it’s scheduled to be released in May 2011. I’ll also have an interview up on the Dagan Books website sometime in the near future. I probably should the dates down… Oh well. Enjoy the cool art!

Good News Everyone!

I hope you all just read that in the Professor’s voice from Futurama. If you didn’t then I’m ashamed of you. So I got some pieces of good news today. They’re not earth shattering or anything, but they’re still promising, more like opportunities for better news.

1) I have a job interview next week. Exciting.

2) I queried a publisher a couple of days ago about The Exile’s Violin because they said “they loved steampunk, but query first.” Thank goodness I saw their page when I did because their reading period was closing the next day. They got back to me this morning (2 days after I queried) and asked for the full manuscript! What? Normally you send in a query letter, then maybe some sample pages/chapters (anywhere from 1-3 chapters or maybe the first 20-50 pages) and  if they like the same, then the publisher asks for the full. Who knows, this could end in rejection, but I’m an optimist! I take it as good sign that the publisher wanted to read the full thing after reading my query letter. I know these things take time, but I can’t help it when I hope they get back to me right away–next week would be fine.

In other publishing related news, Tobias Buckell has an illuminating post on his blog about his story story collection Tides From the New Worlds and its ebook sales. It’s a very pragmatic and no nonsense look at ebook sales. It definitely offers something of a reality check for all those people out there who are screaming that print is dead and everyone should jump on board the digital train ASAP. I suggest you read his post, especially if you’re a published author.

And now writing updates.

Yesterday I did something a little unconventional for me. I wrote a short story in one sitting. Right now it’s titled “One Hundred Years” and its a little bit of a departure from what I normally write. I went for more of a straight up fantasy thing rather than sci-fi or speculative fiction. It’s not perfect and it needs some edits/revisions, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I also started revising my timeline and encyclopedia for my upcoming project The Price of Loyalty — a sci-fi novel that follows the rise and fall of one starship captain set in humanity’s future. It’s been really fun writing the encyclopedia and adding footnotes like it’s a real reference document. Once I get the encyclopedia a little more fleshed out, I’m going to start revising the outline. I like what I have so far, but it needs more depth and sophistication. Right now it feels very rough.

Project: “One Hundred Years”

Deadline: N/A

Word Count: 2,295


The Second Half

I hit a major milestone this week. I passed the halfway mark on the first rough draft of my manuscript. As of today (Monday) progress is sitting pretty at 58%. I have a nifty spreadsheet that keeps track of everything for me. This is only the rough draft though. I know that any words I type will be subjected to rigorous edits and possibly cuts further down the line. I’m excited for the next few chapters because the action, the steampunk elements, and the just overall “weird” faction all get ratcheted up. It just feels good to be working on “the second half.”

Over the weekend I had the displeasure of witnessing what I can only describe as a Twitter fight. Maybe this is what living in the digital age is all about? Either way it was annoying to see anywhere from two to four grown adults arguing with each other via Twitter. Twitter is probably the worst place to have an argument/disagreement. 140 characters per tweet? Public tweets that clog your followers’ feeds? You can be open and honest with someone in a private form of communication–Twitter direct messages, FB messages, emails, phone calls, even an old fashioned letter. Don’t clog the Twitterverse with squabblings that nobody else wants to see. It made me feel uncomfortable and voyeuristic, and it’s not something I’d really want to experience again.

Anyway that’s enough of that. Back to the writing progress. I didn’t get any work done over the weekend, but oh well. That’s life sometimes. My girlfriend is having a weird allergic reaction right now, so we’re going to the doctor this afternoon. Today probably won’t be a stellar word count day.

Update: Apparently today went better than I thought it would. I hit over 3,000 words for my daily total. The word count section has been updated to reflect this. How exciting!

Project: The Exile’s Violin 2 (working title)

Deadline: N/A (Maybe May 1, 2011)

Daily word count: 14,986 (since 3/7)

Word count: 49,416


New Desktop Background

I’m just going to leave this image here. It’s my new desktop background.

[image by SharpWriter]

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