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Ten Silver Bullets Available Now!

So this is all rather sudden. Last week I found out my short story “Blood Moon” was accepted in the Ten Silver Bullets werewolf anthology by Adam Millard and Crowded Quarantine Publications! And now that same anthology is available online! Ten Silver Bullets is available for Kindle through Amazon, or you can find it on Smashwords.

“Blood Moon” tells the story of a private eye on the job in Prohibition-era New Orleans. Except he specializes in cases that aren’t quite…normal. You’ll have to read the story to find out more, but the werewolf theme should give you a hint of where the story might go.

Crowded Quarantine is a UK publisher, so this is doubly exciting for me. I’ve never been published across the pond so to speak. I also have an electronic copy available for review, so if you’re interested contact me.

New Acceptance! The Exile’s Violin Contracted by Hydra Publications

Good news, bad news time. Bad news is I got a flat tire on my way to work this morning (Mondays…amirite?) and have to buy some new tire(s). But the good news definitely outweighs that: I get to officially announce that my steampunk, fantasy novel The Exile’s Violin has been accepted by Hydra Publications! Here’s a little description about the novel:

The Exile’s Violin is a steampunk novel set in the fictional world of Tethys. Jacquie Renairre’s life is ordinary up until the night her parents are murdered and two of their prized possessions are stolen: a pair of black and white revolvers and a black key. After spending six years trying to track down the murderers, all she uncovers is a mystery that will take her around the globe in order to stop a war from breaking out. The Exile’s Violin is a story of loss, action, airships, gunfights, and long-buried magic.

So I’ve known about this acceptance for a couple of weeks, but I got the official green light to announce it today. I had to wait until the ink was dry on the publishing contract and all that. Right now The Exile’s Violin is slated for a Summer/Fall 2012 release in electronic and paperback formats. It’s funny up until now I didn’t feel like this was really happening…but it is!

That’s all the information I have for now, but I’ll post updates on the revisions, samples (if I can), cover art (when I see it), and a firm release date (when it’s set). I’m also going to blog about my experiences getting a novel published for the first time. I have a feeling it’s a whole different ballgame than being included in an anthology.

Please contact me if you have more questions or want to set up an author interview or guest post or something! Now I have to go celebrate! (aka get back to my day job)

When Do You Abandon a Manuscript? Also, Updates

Every writer’s experienced this at some point: you’re in the middle of a manuscript, let’s say about the halfway point, and your enthusiasm for the project begins to slip. You start questioning every little bit of plot and character development. You run your hands through your hair asking, “Why would anyone ever want to read this? This is the worst book in the history of words!” And then a dark slips through the cracks of your flagging self-confidence: what if you just gave up and worked on something else?

Tons of people will tell you that success in the field of writing comes from hard work and perseverance. You can’t write a novel unless you sit your butt in a chair (or stand if you feel like it) and write. That’s great advice, but where do you draw the line between just hitting a speedbump and legitimately needing to write something else. When do you abandon a manuscript?

Right now I’m in the middle of writing a sci-fi book. I’m at about 50,000 words give or take, and my goal’s about 80,000. So I’m definitely over halfway and some days getting words on the page is a slog–even with my incredibly detailed 40,000 word outline. (Yes, I’m a huge plotter) I can honestly say I’ve thought about giving this one up. But I haven’t yet. I tried a little bit of that perseverin’ thang and made some progress. That was enough for me to give up the notions of quitting.  However quitting (maybe just temporarily) could be acceptable if you’ve really tried. You forced yourself to make progress, and it still isn’t coming any easier. That might be a sign it’s time to take a break.

I know that’s not a great answer but that’s the only one you’re getting out of me! Time for other things. I got another short story accepted! My story “Strike Breakers” is going to appear in the 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey anthology by Kindling Press. This is my 3rd short story acceptance for 2011 and my 5th overall. I try not to get jealous when I see other writers with dozens of short story credits to their name, but short stories really aren’t what I focus on. Still it feels good, really good, when you get a win like this.

Time for some word count updates

Project Name: The Price of Loyalty

Deadline: N/A

Word Count: 51,791


Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions Release Date

Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions has an official release date! March 22, 2011. Mark your calendars people. But even better than that, you have the ability to pre-order the book at Timid Pirate’s website. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, not just because my story “Neurolution” is in it. I think the other stories will be really good too.

I know nothing about the other stories, but judging by the names alone, the ones I’m most looking forward to reading are: “God Bloom,” “Necrosis,” and “The Aesthetic Engine.” Those three just sound cool. Though I’m sure that the other stories will be just as cool too.

Help support a small press! Order the book!

“Neurolution” to be Included in Biopunk Anthology

Good news everyone! (I always say that in the Professor’s voice from Futurama). My short story “Neurolution” is going to be featured in the anthology Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions by Timid Pirate Publishing. The anthology is set to come out in March 2011, so it’s just around the corner!

I found out that the story had been accepted a couple of weeks ago, but I had to keep it quiet until the announcement went live on their website. Maybe they announced it a couple of days ago, but I just saw it tonight.

I wrote “Neurolution” specifically for the anthology, so it felt twice as good when it got accepted. It was the first time that I’d tried to write something biopunk-ish. I’ve read a little bit in the genre, including Deadstock and Blue War by Jeremy Thomas, so I knew some of the genre’s conventions. It’s always a little bit of a risk when you write something based on pretty strict guidelines. If it doesn’t get accepted there, what are you supposed to do with it? Luckily, that didn’t happen in this case.

I can’t wait to see the cover art and get my copies of Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions. I want to read all the other squishy, creepy, grotesque stories in it.

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