R.S. Hunter, Oct. 2016I’m R.S. Hunter, though nobody ever, ever calls me that in real life. I’m a novelist, beard-haver, pun-lover, hyphen-user, and a burrito connoisseur. I also have stupid taste in music. Please see my playlists for evidence.

I write science fiction and fantasy from my kitchen table. I’ll have a real office/writing room someday. Maybe.

Fun fact: I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and a dog who thinks she’s a cat. (She literally answers to the name “Kitten”)

‘Nother fun fact: I practice death metal vocals in my car during my commute. Other drivers probably think I’m weird.

Less fun facts: I’m a former video game reviewer (kinda), and I work in digital marketing for my day job. I’ve been publishing fiction since 2008. My debut novel, The Exile’s Violin, came out first in 2012 and then was re-released in 2014. Now that I’ve gotten the rights back, a third edition will be released in the near future. The sequel is currently in the works.

If you want to talk to me (why would you???), you can on Twitter. And you can see my stupid musical taste firsthand on Spotify.