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It’s been a little over a year since I wrote this post about the future of my Tethys Chronicles books. I needed that time to distance myself from the series and the ridiculousness of PDMI. (Seriously, I count myself lucky getting out when I did. It could have been much, much worse)

I used the past year to work on a few different projects. Unfortunately I haven’t sold any books or landed an agent in that time. But if I’m being honest, I don’t consider this time wasted at all.

What I’ve Been Up To

Since May 2016, I worked on trying to get an agent for The Song of Siya series. Got real close, but no cigar. The feedback I got from the agents who requested to read Gifts of the Earth made me realize that the book is just too damn complicated. It’s got like two separate origin stories/starting points, and three or four different storylines all jammed into about 90K words.

So The Song of Siya got put on a shelf temporarily. My plan is to split my current manuscript into two separate books and go from there. I have three definite novels planned out for that series with a fourth that’s still germinating.

Also in that year I worked on Red Magic (title not yet confirmed). It’s a story of magic and blood set against the backdrop of a revolution. Think a fantasy version of the Holy Roman Empire where the Protestant Reformation didn’t happen mashed up with the French Revolution / Revolutions of 1848.

I finished a rough, very rough draft of that and set it aside because it’s not the book I want to write right now. It’s got good bones, but there’s just something off with the characters and the ending. It needs to marinate for a while out of sight, out of mind.

Coming Back to Jacquie’s Story

And part of the reason why I put Red Magic aside is that back in February of 2017, I had an epiphany. I knew exactly how I could fix the issues I encountered when revising Terraviathan. As soon as that happened, working on the Tethys Chronicles again was all I could think about.

This is just a very long-winded way to say: I’m going to self-publish a third edition of The Exile’s Violin with new formatting and a new cover! My wife’s handling the cover layout, and she’s done a phenomenal job!

I’ll post the official, third edition cover as soon as she finishes it.

And that’s not all! I’m also smack-dab in the middle of rewriting Terraviathan.

The feedback I’d gotten on it in the past was helpful, but I struggled to weave it into the story. And then in February of this year it hit me–the perfect solution. It was a great fit, but I’ll need to rewrite a lot of the book. Not a problem! It needed to happen anyway, but I wasn’t in the right headspace to do it when the book was under contract with the previous publisher.


  1. The Exile’s Violin is coming back! Third edition, woo! New cover layout, tweaked art, and new interior formatting.
  2. Terraviathan is coming too! I’m working on revisions as I type. (Not literally because I’m typing this post.) It’s too early to set a release date, but my guess is late 2017 or early 2018.

Catch y’all on the flipside.