Bear with me here. This is 100% going to be one of those New Year, New Me but Not Saying the Word “Resolutions” Totally Navel Gazing-y posts. I’ll do my best to make it not be insufferable.

2015 was a rough year, for reasons that you don’t want to hear. And quite frankly some of them feel whiny–or at least according they feel that way to that nagging voice in the back of my head.

So instead this whole post, this whole year is dedicated to looking forward. And what do I see in front of me?


Capital A to the RT.

art harder

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In 2015 I let my writing slip away from me. I got too focused on individual projects–even just bits of individual projects–that weighed me down. Writing and more importantly creating stopped being a fulfilling outlet. It was something I dreaded.

No more, goddamn it!

Creating, Not Projects

The process of creating is what I love most. I love coming up with new worlds, new people, new histories, and stories to tell about them all. That’s the fun part. Individual novels and short stories will come and go. Some will be harder than others. Some will be better than others. But the crucial thing is to stay focused on the biiiig picture: I love doing it. I love sharing that with people.

And fuck it. I write science fiction and fantasy novels. Some of them have airships that defy physics, or faster-than-light devices. Explosions. Lasers. Horrors from dimensions beyond the stars and our scope of understanding. Will some people turn up their noses at me calling this stuff art? Probably. Fuck ’em. A book’s still art even if it’s got spaceships or fantasy creatures running all willynilly through it.

I got plans for my books. And those aren’t going to come to fruition if I just sit on my hands and stop creating.

Kameron Hurley put it in black and white this morning: we’re all gonna die someday. That’s why you have to make the most of your time now. And for me that’s writing stories that hopefully give people some enjoyment and will be remembered after I’m gone.

To borrow a phrase from Chuck Wendig, beard-man extraordinaire, 2016 is 100% dedicated, laser focused on this one idea: Art harder, motherfucker.