EUIV: Muscovy in 1503

Muscovy in 1503

Muscovy: East to the Sea is a new Let’s Play series that will follow my progress as I play a Europa Universalis IV campaign as Muscovy, starting in the year 1444. Goals for this series include: forming Russia as soon as possible, securing my western borders, and then ignoring Europe and expanding east into Southeast Asia (and possibly western North America). So let’s get this party started! (Part 2 available here)

Our First Colony

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, things were a-happenin’. 1500 is drawing closer and I’m still worried about the growing Swedish threat. They’ve rivaled me even though I’ve done nothing but be the most cordial neighbor. Maybe if I keep our relations high enough (and ally myself with the growing Poland) they’ll leave me alone. (And now “Who Can it Be Now?” by Men at Work is in my head).

Muscovy First Colony

Muscovy’s First Colony

1494 and we have our first colony! It’s got the Arctic modifier, so it grows slower than normal, but still–look at it! It’s so cute. Muscovy is a proud papa. (Or mama, I dunno.) I also fought a war against the Golden Horde and the Uzbeks, claiming some more territory. I don’t have the missionary strength to convert anything once the provinces are cored, but I’ll worry about that later.

Sitting on My Hands

Tragedy strikes in 1501. My king dies with an infant for an heir. I’m stuck with a Regency Council for another 5+ years, but that’s Europa Universalis IV for ya. I can’t declare war, so I spend my time building provincial improvements, coring my newest additions, and starting another colony. I figure I can colonize eastward all through Siberia and then move south into the Manchu, Ming, Uzbek, etc. lands.

Seriously, the Regency Council is the worst. My Monach Points are gathering at an appallingly slow rate, so technology advances are few and far between. I hire some level 2 advisors to help things along. I need to get to Admin Tech level 10 so I can form Russia.

A New King! To war!

1506 and Muscovy’s king has finally come of age. First thing I do? I declare war on the Uzbeks again. By 1510 I’m the owner of some brand new provinces and another new colony. I’m slowly making my way east across Siberia toward the Pacific Ocean.

EUIV: Sweden in 1499

Sweden in 1499

Rather than sitting around for a few years, I decide to take advantage of the fact that I have a treaty with the Uzbeks and attack the Golden Horde. Everything goes well (this seems to be a running theme). However by 1513, I need to take a break from the warfare, let my manpower recover, and build more province improvements.

I spent most of the teens and early 20s (1520s that is) peacefully expanding and building my economy. I’m debating going to war with the Uzbeks for some more territory when Poland calls me into a war against the Teutonic Order (who are allied with the Livonian Order). Reval, Ösel, and Livland are looking pretty, pretty juicy to me. With them flying the Russian flag, I’ll have more trade power in my home node and, of course, more territory.

Europa Universalis IV: Muscovy in 1517

Muscovy in 1517

In 1525 Poland peaces out of the war before I can take more territory! Damn you, Poland! *shakes fist*

Well, with my westward ambitions stymied for the moment, the Uzbeks are back in my sights.

For Mother Russia

1529: a historic year for the world. England is almost Great Britain (Scotland is only the Western Isles). Ireland is gone. Aragón is doing work on Castile! Iberian Wedding? More like Iberian Red Wedding, amirite? I don’t know how often something like this happens, but I haven’t seen it before. Austria is huuuuuuge. Not only did they get the Burgundian Inheritance, but they’ve conquered swathes of the HRE. Though it looks like Bavaria is going to be stiff competition for the imperial throne. (At some point they were able to get Sweden under a personal union. I’m not looking forward to the day when [if] they integrate them)

EUIV England & Scotland in 1527

England & Scotland in 1527

But none of that matters. The only thing that matters to the world is this: I’ve transformed Muscovy into Russia.

Gone is that kinda ugly yellow color and instead my country is the evergreen… green, I guess of Russia. It’s beautiful to behold.

EUIV: Forming Russia in 1529

Gaze upon Russia and weep for its glory

But what to do now that I’m Russia? Obviously I’ll keep expanding eastward; Manchu might feel the might of the Russian armies soon. I’ll also need to choose a new Idea Group now that I hit Admin Tech level 10. Do I go military and take Defensive or Offensive Ideas? Or maybe Religious Ideas; that’ll be useful for fighting in Southeast Asia.

Either way, the sun is just rising over the glorious Russian Empire. Check back for Part 4, which will be sporting its new name: “Russia: East to the Sea!”