Muscovy Victory over Novgorod 1

Freeing Finland in Europa Universalis IV

Muscovy: East to the Sea is a new Let’s Play series that will follow my progress as I play a Europa Universalis IV campaign as Muscovy, starting in the year 1444. Goals for this series include: forming Russia as soon as possible, securing my western borders, and then ignoring Europe and expanding east into Southeast Asia (and possibly western North America). So let’s get this party started! (Part 1 available here)

1st War with Novgorod

Picking up where Part 1 left off in the year 1460, things are looking good for me. I’m getting ready for my first big war with Novgorod, which I fully expect to win. They’re allied with Pomerania and Scotland, but I’m not too worried. Scotland is especially far away, so I doubt they’ll send troops to help Novgorod.

The war rages on through 1463, easily in my favor. I was wrong about Scotland sending troops. They sent a couple of small armies. One of them even managed to siege one of my provinces. Still, by July 1464 the war is over; I’m three provinces stronger and Finland is free. As soon as the ink on the peace deal is dry, I go to work vassalizing Finland. Done and done.

However, fighting the Western Tech armies of Pomerania and Scotland has depleted my manpower. I need a few years to let my truce run out and my manpower reserves to recover.


Not much happens for the next few years. I mull over whether or not I should Westernize. Based on some forum posts, I think I won’t need to do it, especially since I’ll be focusing my attention eastward and not fighting Europe.

Muscovy victory over Novgorod 2

2nd victory over Novgorod

Denmark calls me to war in 1472; I accept and sit the entire thing out. They take another chunk of Pomerania and the HRE, but both Sweden and Norway are now independent. It seems my bet on Denmark integrating one or both them and becoming the Big Pink Monster isn’t going to pay off. Plus Sweden considers me a rival and is busy eating up Norway (who happens to like me). I have a feeling I’ll need some new allies soon.

2nd War with Novgorod

I spend some time fabricating claims on the rest of Novgorod’s provinces. I won’t be able to take them over fully in this coming war, but just one more after that will do it. I wait until after I start the annexation of Pskov before declaring war again in 1474.

By 1475 I’m at 100% War Score. I take some more territory (woo hoo!), but sadly, my double-barreled annexation of Finland and Pskov has stalled because of the “Bad Diplomats” event.

Muscovy Austria Burgundian Inheritance

Austria with the Burgundian Inheritance

And now comes another 5 years of peace while my truce runs out again. The annexation process starts up again. In 1478 Austria gets the Burgundian Inheritance event. I was kind of hoping it would go differently this game, because that happened in my Brandenburg game. So far I’ve seen Austria get it twice, Castile get it once (I always want to call them Castilla because I speak Spanish moderately well), and France get it once.

3rd War with Novgorod

The 1480s are coming to town, and it’s time to erase Novgorod from the map. I have the mission to subjugate them, so that’ll give me a little bonus once I win this coming war. My troops cross into their territory in 1481 and by 1482, Novgorod exists no more. The coring process is done in 1484. All I need is Admin Tech level 10 to form Russia!

In 1487, Pskov becomes a rightful part of my realm, and Finland will be done in 1493. Tver will be next on my list, but with Novgorod gone, I need to figure out what to do next. And what Idea Group should I unlock when I hit Admin Tech level 7? I want Exploration Ideas, but it seems silly to take two groups that require Diplomatic points.

Muscovy in 1481 in EUIV

Muscovy in 1481 in EUIV

Another choice is Religious Ideas. It gives me a permanent CB against “heathens,” and that could be useful if I’m expanding east. Still, I’m a little bit away from having to make the choice. I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it. That’s the phrase, right? Also, I just fabricated a claim on the Golden Horde (who is busy fighting Crimea). I’m only 9 years from 1500, and I think I’m going to war again.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my Europa Universalis IV Let’s Play where I’ll welcome the Finnish people into my kingdom and attack the Golden Horde over territory that should rightfully be mine! Oh yeah, I’ll also be holding auditions for new allies.