Hey everyone. This is a quick blog to highlight some of the changes I’ve made to my website. Nothing major really, just some minor reorganizing.

Fiction & Non-Fiction

I’ve split up my writing into Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. The Fiction section has links and info to all my novels, collections, and published short stories. If you’re interested in steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, or even a little bit of horror, go on and check them out.

The Non-Fiction section has a list of all my videogame reviews, feature articles, and editorials. Many of them are on Gamer Limit or the community section of Destructoid. I also have a couple of features that were published at places like Gameranx and other places.


A simple list of my current WIPs. Check back here frequently for word count updates. More substantial progress reports will be posted to the blog.

The World of Tethys

I think I’ve written about this before, but this section of my site has concept art, maps, and sketches associated with the Tethys Chronicles and the first novel in the series, The Exile’s Violin. Some of the sketches even predate the book’s first rough draft!

That’s all the updates for now! Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have more info to share with you all about Terraviathan, the second book in the Tethys Chronicles.