Well the world might be ending soon according to several fantastical theories and prophecies, so it’s a great time to treat yourself to some new(ish) science fiction and fantasy books by yours truly.

Not so new books

The-Exiles-Violin-widget-sizeThe paperback version of The Exile’s Violin is now available on Amazon! If you thought the cover looked good as an eBook, wait until you see it in person. I can’t wait until my copies show up.

So if you’ve got a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or steampunk in your life, why not pick this up for them? Nothing says “Holiday Cheer” like murder, gun fights, conspiracies, and ancient magic, right?

New ebooks

And I know I’ve been talking about it for months, but I finally released Flowers of the Sky: The Collection on Amazon and Barnes & Noble the other day! It’s only available in electronic form because it’s a mini-collection that consists of one previously published short story and one brand-new, never-seen-before novelette.

Again, nothing says “Phony End of the World Conspiracy Theories” like a post-apocalyptic fantasy anthology! Grab a copy and leave a review today.

Other news

I’ve been working hard on revising Terraviathan (Tethys Chronicles Book II),and it’s in the hands of beta readers right now. Hopefully, I’ll have more info to announce soon.

Also in the works is a world book/reference guide for the world of The Exile’s Violin and Terraviathan. Right now there aren’t any plans to publish it, but I think it might be great to have all that info up on a companion website for the series. Stay tuned to this blog so you’ll be informed whenever I launch that.

Happy holidays everybody!