Hey everybody! Just a quick announcement that interviews and guest posts by yours truly will be hitting the web in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the schedule for where I’ll be starting on Monday, September 10.

On Monday I will be featured on Jay Noel’s website.

On Tuesday I have an interview going up at Lyndi Alexander’s website.

Wednesday finds me visiting James Peercy.

On Thursday I shall stop by Literary Lunes Publications.

On Friday there will be a guest post by me about standalone fantasy novels vs those in a series on Tricia Ballad’s site.

And finally, on Saturday there will be an interview with me on the website of one Blaine Pardoe.

So those are all the places I’m going to be (well my words at least) starting in two weeks. Be sure to check them out. And be sure to visit my site during that time because I’ll be hosting a selection of authors from Hydra Publications.