This post is a few days late, but who cares because the 20,001 A Steampunk Odyssey by Kindling Press is now available! It features ten steampunk stories including my sci-fi/steampunk story “Strike Breakers.”

Here’s a little blurb for “Strike Breakers” to get you interested:

There’s no work in Brentry Tor. The Wilder and Grimes Railway Company knows it and uses that fact to bring in droves of desperate men to work on the first ever transcontinental steam railway. But when the pay stops coming and the excuses pile up, the workers have no choice but to go on strike. Now it’s only a matter of time before Wilder and Grimes sends in strike breakers.

20,001 A Steampunk Odyssey is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Go check it out, and if any of you are interested in review copies, let me know!