It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve had several job interviews that went well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that front.

I’ve put in lots of work on the Price of Loyalty outline. It’s coming along pretty well so far. There are a couple of rough/not fleshed out parts that I’ll have to go back to later, but they’re not important right now. I just want to get a detailed, complete framework for the story in place. Then I can start filling in the gaps and actually write the novel.

On a semi-related note. I started a new feature series over in the Community Blogs section on Destructoid. It’s called “Under the Radar” and it’s where I focus on games (some newer than others) that just flew under my personal radar. The first game featured in the series is BioWare’s Jade Empire from 2005. I don’t know how often it’ll be updated, but I’d like to at least make it a semi-regular thing.

Now word count and stuff.

Project: The Price of Loyalty outline

Deadline: N/A (maybe 6/1. 5/1 isn’t going to work)

Word count: 19,840 (since 4/8)