A Love Letter to the Battle of Endor

As I saw this Star Wars tattoo yesterday it made me think: if I was to get a Star Wars tattoo what would I want? (OT only of course) Obviously, since this is hypothetical–let’s go big, insanely big–I’d get a full sleeve of my favorite part of the entire original trilogy: the Motherfuckin’ Battle of Endor. (That’s [...]

Let’s Talk About: Moffat’s Doctor Who

This’ll be a quick post with not a lot of structure. I’m trying to turn these “Let’s Talk About” pieces into looser articles where I don’t have to have a central point or something. Anyway this morning it hit me that my experience watching Steven Moffat’s three seasons of Doctor Who has been largely defined [...]

My Favorite Games of 2013

Even though I’m not part of the video game press/reviewing scene in an official capacity anymore, I thought it’d be fun to write a little post about some of my favorite video games from 2013. (Yes, I know 2013 isn’t over for 12 more days, but I’ll update this post if anything changes). And because [...]

Is It Me or Is It You, Pokémon?

I’ve been playing Pokémon X for the past few weeks–my first one since Diamond six years ago–and I still can’t tell if my lack of progress into the game is my fault or the game’s. I’m leaning toward foisting the blame onto the shoulders of all 718 Pokémon. My major gripes with the Pokémon series have only gotten worse as [...]

Let’s Talk About: Elementary & Miss Hudson

Let’s talk about Elementary. My same caveats about my own background and privileges I spelled out in my Let’s Talk About of Teen Wolf still apply. That said, the show’s brilliant. There’s a dozen of things I could talk about why I like this show, but the biggest one I want to focus on is diversity and [...]

Challenge Accepted!

I followed the Twitter conversations about The 52 Review’s “Best Of” post (I think this was last month or the month before). That’s when I first saw the challenge: only read genre fiction books written by women in 2014. Since then I’ve been caught in a morass of indecision. I want to do it. I am going [...]

Let’s Talk About: Teen Wolf

My wife (man that’s still weird to type) got me to watch Teen Wolf with her. Not the movie from the 80s but the “edgy, sexy, totally not Vampire Diaries but with Werewolves” MTV reboot. Okay, that was a little facetious. Despite some misgivings, I have to say that I walked away from the three seasons mostly impressed. [...]

Some Publishing Announcements

You might’ve noticed the warning on my The Exile’s Violin page saying the book will be out of print starting in September. This post is to explain a little more about why that’ll be the case and what’s going to happen moving forward. My publisher recently announced that they are dramatically scaling back their operations [...]

A Reward and Thank You for My Readers

Earlier this week The Exile’s Violin was free on Amazon. It ended up hitting #3 in the Epic Fantasy subcategory under Free Science Fiction & Fantasy. That’s certainly a result that will give an author the warm and fuzzies. So as a thank you and reward to all my readers, I have a special gift for [...]