Excerpt from Gladiator by Kate Lynd

Today I have an excerpt from Kate Lynd’s Gladiator, a Mad Max meets Gladiator series that is set to be a trilogy. Here’s a quick blurb before we dive into the excerpt.

Interview with Fantasy Author Rachel Hunter

This Friday, I’m lucky to have fantasy writer Rachel Hunter, author of Empyreal Fate (A Llathalan Annal), as a guest on my website. Being the busy writer and student that she is, I was only able to get in a quick interview with her. Let’s learn…

Defending the Spiral Excerpt by Erin Danzer

Today, I have YA author Erin Danzer here where she will share an excerpt of her short story “Defending the Spiral.” This short story functions as a prequel to her four novel series that begins with Into the Spiral. 

Behind the Scenes: Eternal Patrol

I have Michael Wallace here today to give us a behind the scenes look at his novel, Eternal Patrol. Let’s dive right in! (Submarine puns. Ha.)

Excerpt from Dearly Departed by Rachael Rawlings

Today, I have the author of Dearly Departed, Rachael Rawlings, on my site. She’s going to share an excerpt of her book with us. So let’s jump in with both feet and hand things over to Rachael!

Symbolism, Fate, Fantasy, (And Yes, Star Wars, too)

Today’s guest post comes from fantasy author Rachel Hunter (no relation as far I’m aware). Her novel, Empyreal Fate — Part One of the Llathalan Annal Series, is coming soon from Hydra Publications. Now onto the post! Greetings! First of all, a large ‘thank you’ to Mr….