Terraviathan (Rara Avis cover)

Saving the world was supposed to be the hard part, right?

Despite stopping a madman from unleashing an ancient terrible power on the world, Jacquie Renairre and Clay Baneport’s relationship falls apart as they try to return to normal life. Suddenly adrift, Clay returns to a life of moneyed privilege and excess.

Only a newspaper article about a shocking string of murders and disappearances pulls Clay away from high society. Following a hunch takes him back into Jacquie’s life and a world he thought was behind him.

The two them need to put their problems aside and figure out how the dangerous criminals stalking Jacquie, drug smugglers, ancient ruins in Rotherfolke, and a place in a war-torn continent where reality gives way to madness are connected. If they don’t, their lives won’t be the only ones on the line.

Terraviathan is the second book in the Tethys Chronicles series by R.S. Hunter.

Release date unknown.

Terraviathan (Tethys Chronicles II)