"Runner" by R.S. Hunter | Abaculus II

The Greeks coined the word “abaculus” for the small pieces of glass used to create complex mosaic murals.

Peopled with mythical beasts and oversized heroes, a fantastic pantheon of gods, and the humans who dared challenge them, these ancient murals embody the essence of imagination, built piece by tiny piece. In its second anthology, Leucrota Press brings you short stories from an international cast of new and experienced authors representing the best of contemporary science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Self-contained gems of storytelling craft, each story also fits into a larger picture of how the universe could, or might just, be. With an introduction by author T.J. Vargo, Abaculus II stories include works by authors: A.S. Berman, Edward McKeown, R.S. Hunter, Joel A. Sutherland, W. D. Wilcox, David M. Peak, Murphy Edwards, Shane Nelson, and Erin Durante.

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