20,001 A Steampunk Odyssey Now Available!

This post is a few days late, but who cares because the 20,001 A Steampunk Odyssey by Kindling Press is now available! It features ten steampunk stories including my sci-fi/steampunk story “Strike Breakers.” Here’s a little blurb for “Strike Breakers” to get you interested: There‚Äôs no work in Brentry Tor. The Wilder and Grimes Railway […]

Is it Cheating?

On Thursday a huge black out hit all of San Diego, parts of Orange County, northern Baja California, parts of Arizona, and even New Mexico. Left without power and fading sunlight, my girlfriend decided to take a nap. Before she fell asleep she suggested I write…the old fashioned way. I was reluctant because I was […]