Small Problem–What to Do Next?

I just finished putting the finishing touches on the rough draft of my sci-fi/steampunk novelĀ Terraviathan. I had a 7 page document full of all the names I needed to implement into manuscript. I just finished doing that. Man my hands hurt from typing ctrl+b to unbold all my placeholder names. Of course now that I […]

Terraviathan is Born!

I did it! Last night I finished the first (very) rough draft of my new science fiction/steampunk novelĀ Terraviathan. I spent almost all of yesterday writing the last two chapters. I only took two breaks: one to watch the end of the Arizona game and one after finishing the penultimate chapter. My brain was just too […]

Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions

Look what arrived in the mail today. I mentioned how my short story, “Neurolution,” is included in Growing Dread. Well the copies I ordered arrived today! They look great, and they feel even better in my hands. I hope I never grow tired of this feeling. It’s incredible. I’m going over to my parents’ house […]

Commandos, Airships, & Recon Missions in Enemy Territory

No big deal. But seriously, these couple of chapters have been the most fun to write. My two main characters just met up with an elite commando unit that uses an experimental airship for their missions. Right now they’re taking the two main characters with them on a covert recon mission into a continent embroiled […]

The Bronze Age of Fantasy Response

Have you read the post on Jeffrey W. Dern’s website about the state of fantasy fiction? Well, I recommend you read it, then come back for my thoughts. This all started after Patrick Rothfuss made some comments about how plays with established fantasy tropes at one of his book signings. This led Dern to think […]

Why Word Count Isn’t Always the Best Method

As you may have noticed, I use a nifty (read: simple) little bit of html in my posts to provide a graphic that shows my word count progress. However, word count isn’t always the best way to keep track of your progress. For short stories–or works without chapters–word count is a perfect way to keep […]

“Dark” Scenes are Easier to Write

My WIP novel is a thing. Yessir. It’s coming right along. Today I worked on a pretty pivotal scene where the main character has to get some information from a crooked cop who’d just sold her out. She uses some questionable methods that her best friend and accomplice doesn’t approve of. It creates tension between […]

The Second Half

I hit a major milestone this week. I passed the halfway mark on the first rough draft of my manuscript. As of today (Monday) progress is sitting pretty at 58%. I have a nifty spreadsheet that keeps track of everything for me. This is only the rough draft though. I know that any words I […]

In Situ Update and Writing Updates

I know this isn’t a lot to go on, but I just saw this on Dagan Books: In Situ has a planned publication date–May 15, 2011. I know that’s the planned date, but I can’t help but be excited. That’s 5 days before my birthday. Having a story included in this anthology, best present or […]

Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions Release Date

Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions has an official release date! March 22, 2011. Mark your calendars people. But even better than that, you have the ability to pre-order the book at Timid Pirate’s website. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, not just because my story “Neurolution” is in it. I think the […]